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Hoarding in the time of global isolation (Covid 19) is aspiring to have the voices, creativity and talent of those people impacted by hoarding behaviour express their views of the, at times, misuse of the word during this period-as well as to explore artistically-in a range of forms-the impact of lockdown on the lives of those whose homes, activities and belongings may have already been overwhelmed.

Our Crowdfund and Consultation supports this proposed arts project.

Submissions from people impacted by hoarding behaviour (people who hoard, friends, family, neighbours and professionals) will be sought across a range of expression.

As always, we are seeking other organisations involvement in order to create a community.

Submissions will be taken commencing October (subject to funding). These will then be exhibited on the HUK website-allowing participants to promote their work and encouraging the public to vote for their favourites.

Exhibition at an event partially funded by the Wellcome Trust to be the reward for those chosen by a combination of panel and public votes approximately May 2021.  We aim to ensure everyone ‘wins’ by having all work, which is deemed appropriate, (we are drawing up guidelines and will share these as a part of the consultation), will be exhibited on the site.

Our goal is to engage people who may be isolated, living in shame – or supporting those who do – to be provided a platform to – ‘show their stuff‘.

The people we serve are unique, intelligent, creative, funny, informed, experienced, (in life and many as professionals), individuals who often get lost, go unseen and disregarded – because their space overwhelms, not only them, but those who are trying to help.  During the pandemic, society reacted in ways which have been referred to as ‘hoarding’. 

For many, the trauma of Covid19 may have triggered anxiety and panic.  As such, compulsive acquiring and difficulty letting go – in order to feel safe – mirrored what many with hoarding behaviour live on a day to day basis.  Unfortunately, opportunism and profiteering were framed using the same word. We feel this is an chance to set the record straight by amplifying the voices of those living in the complexity of hoarding behaviour.

We want to provide a platform for those who may have spent lockdown in their hoard, or worrying about their friend, family or neighbour doing so, to express their thoughts, feelings, motivation/inactivity, isolation, powerlessness/empowerment, etc.

We hope that the community will support this work via our Crowdfunding and by submitting their artistic expression.

The project is still open to survey and registration as a result of the extended Covid19 lockdown.

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