In-House Support Group

Our programme is an integrated model of spatial and personal change delivered by therapeutically trained practitioners who are supervised twice monthly.

The programme is low-cost and person-centred. Our in-home support is not a ‘decluttering service’.  However, we are able to work with the participant to make urgent changes, if tenancy, child protection or other issues are looming. In such cases, additional charges would be applicable.

HUK does NOT ask for the full sum of money before the work commences in one lump sum.  Instead, HUK bills monthly in arrears for the work that is done. The programme will stop, if either, the participant wanted to end the contract or the funding service wanted to end the contract.  However, HUK does ask services to commit to the programme for the full term.

This is a framework not a set structure i.e. HUK works to the participant’s needs, and HUK would not go over budget. The programme usually takes a little over a year due to holidays and cancellations.


Our Programme


The whole programme (£2,525 inclusive of VAT), including report writing, consists of:

  • five assessment and planning sessions (5 x £100 = £500), followed by
  • twelve weekly sessions (12 x £75 = £900) [this takes three months], followed by
  • twelve fortnightly sessions (12 x £75 = £900) [this takes six months], and finally
  • three monthly sessions (3 x £75 = £225) [this takes three months].

Student Placement Scheme

We are offering clinical placements for trainee counsellors, social workers and other relevant professionals who will volunteer four hours per week for no less than two years.

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We do not charge for cancellations unless the person does not tell us and we show up. This has never occurred because we call before we travel to confirm the session. Cancellation is natural part of the process as it is a very intense process for the person. As people cannot always sustain, we don’t want them penalised and we want to deliver all sessions to support them through their process.


Funding typically comes from personal budgets, housing, social care and private sources.  Securing funding can slow down the commencement of the work. Funding needs to be in place before we begin because we worked with a client for six months in good faith before personal budget was denied. We then finished out the contract unpaid.


Each session lasts up to 1.5 hours. We find that people cannot do any more than that, especially at first.

Each therapeutic session is a combination of 1-2-1 talking therapy looking at the emotional and psychological wellbeing underlying the hoarding behaviour and addressing the hoarded items in a practical way to create spatial change.

Agreement is that the person participating in the programme is given the support. If unsuccessful, then the person is supported through more directive process of decluttering. This has not happened yet i.e. everyone who has undertaken the full process has stopped (or significantly reduced) hoarding behaviours, reduced clutter and stopped acquiring. However, we cannot guarantee this.

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