Peer Mentoring

We are looking for people with lived experience of Hoarding Behaviour to take a crucial part in our new project, developing support and activist hubs throughout Central London.

These will consist of:

In-Person Support Groups

Our In-Person Support Groups will be held monthly in various London local authorities and open to people who hoard, their families and carers.

These support groups are person centred and non-judgemental; a safe space where people who hoard can meet people in the same position as them, express their feelings and, if they want and feel ready for it, receive practical support about how to make their space safer, curb acquisition and, ultimately, positively discard their possessions.

A Supportive & Local Hub for Hoarding

HoardingUK and our new peer mentors will publicise our group within the local community and become the go-to place for:

  • People who hoard and their support network.
  • Adult Social Care who need guidance on how to support people who hoard under the Care Act 2014.
  • Social Housing. If social housing staff become aware of hoarding within their properties, HUK plays a vital role in ensuring that the person with HB is not automatically evicted, or their belongings taken away. Housing professionals engage with us and we provide information and support. Together, we help the individual in a holistic and person-centred manner which is beneficial for all.
  • The Fire Department who engage with people who hoard on a local level.

A Workshop Series with Guest Speakers

We will hold talks/workshops/Q&As with a person in the local community who works with people with hoarding behaviour.

This could be fire departments, social care, hostel workers, local charities, etc., to try and break down barriers of communication that exists and the lack of trust that seems to be present in PwHB and services.  We will host workshops around money, nutrition, digital services, exercise, etc., to encourage people to live well.

Can You Help?


Become a Peer Mentor

People who want to train to be a Peer Mentor at HoardingUK, who can help others which may, in turn, help you manage your condition and grow as an individual. We are an equal opportunities charity and will strive to make any required reasonable adjustments. We will also help you progress and realise your own goals and you will gain an up-to-date reference and potentially an avenue into paid work.

Start a Group

Local authorities or housing associations who want a group in their area.

Venues Needed

Venues who are interested in hosting us.

Guest Speakers

Organisations or individuals, who work with people with hoarding behaviour, who would like to hold a workshop or give a talk.

If you fit into one of these categories, or would just like to know more, please fill in the form below.


Hoarding Support Group (Haringey)

Monthly on 2nd Thursday thereafter

Hoarding Support Group (Camden & Islington)

Monthly on 1st Thursday thereafter