Stuff, Time, Space Crowdfunder

by | 7 Oct, 2021

Stuff, Time, Space

Playwright Laura Hortong and Lucy Donald present Triptych. A series of short form original plays platforming and creating discussions about pleasure and shame.

On 7th October, 2021, £1,200 was successfully raised to get Triptych on stage.  It was performed by an electric ensemble of South West based actors and creatives, the piece ran in early December at Theatre Royal Plymouth.

The first piece explores how under researched women’s bodies are and in light of this, how long it takes for medical issues to be diagnosed.  The second looks at pleasure across generations.  Why do we call it a loss of virginity when it could be a debut sex act?  Why is there so much shame around pleasure?  The third is about having too much stuff and how hard it is to date when you’re a hoarder.

All of the pieces have personal resonance with Laura and are also issues that are under-explored while affecting many people. Laura & Lucy want to set up discussion groups post performance for people have safe spaces to discuss the plays & the topics addressed.

This is an opportunity to employ local actors and other creatives, building connections in the South West andalso producing quality work to tour the UK & expand the geographical networks for artists here.