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HoardingUK offers people who want support selling items on eBay to do this through our account.


Our terms are that it will be sent within three days via second class post. You need to obtain a proof of posting or if the item is lost you would not have proof that it was sent.

HoardingUK asks for a 10% donation (30% if we manage the item e.g. store and sell). HUK takes payment and sends that you by electronic bank transfer.

Seller pays all fees.  eBay takes 10% of final value of sale and Paypal charges 3.4% + .20p, for example:  if something sold for £10, HUK would deduct the following:

Sale:   £10.00
Donation:    £1.00
eBay Fees:    £1.00
PayPal:    £0.54

Total paid to you would be: £7.46 (Please note the eBay and PayPal fees are standard and would be incurred by anyone using their sites).

Postage is added onto the sale price, so this is recouped (ensure that you’ve thought this through, as default postage suggested by eBay does not always cover the real postage cost).

If there are any problems e.g. the buyer wants to return-seller agrees to repay the fees paid, there is no penalty or additional charge for this.

The donation will be clearly identified in the eBay advert.

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