Our Story

HoardingUK is the UK National charity working to provide support and resources to people in situations of squalor and/or hoarding and those affected by it.

We provide helpline, email and advocacy support free of charge. Awareness raising sessions and training are delivered at a cost, but our aim is to bring change so we work with organisations on a case by case basis to make the training affordable.

After leaving her role running a national charity for who people who experience Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Megan Karnes, Director of HoardingUK, launched a one page website.

Having supported people who hoard, their family/friends and professionals in her nearly five years at that organisation, hoarding stood out as an area of Mental Health in which discriminatory practice was common.

Discriminatory because people who were dealing with hoarding tendencies were getting all the backlash and none of the support.

Integrating Megan Karnes eleven years experience of supporting people who have hoarding behaviour, family, friends, neighbours and professionals, HoardingUK is an organisation committed to increasing choice and control for people who have hoarding behaviour while ensuring the professionals are empowered to provide appropriate and effective interventions.

What We Have Done

For People With Hoarding Behaviour

  • Informing people of their rights and responsibilities.
  • Normalising hoarding as a behaviour.
  • Providing tips and tricks to de-clutter and stop collecting.
  • Acting in an advocacy role, working as a liaison.
  • Working to reduce self and external stigma.
  • Establishing support groups: Islington, East Ham (national group), Westminster (closed group), Carmarthen, Leicester (coming 2016).
  • Delivering counselling in an integrative model, in order to treat underlying issues which are often ignored.
  • Provide on-going support.


  • Promoting ethically approved research projects.
  • Ensuring information provided here and elsewhere is clinically evidenced.

For Families, Friends, etc.

  • Breaking down barriers to them seeking professional support for themselves.
  • Allowing a non-judgemental space for them to share their frustration, judgements and anger.
  • Working to increase understanding, empathy and efficacy.
  • Offering to work within the family dynamic in a way that can lessen pressure and tension e.g. work with everyone and don’t take sides.
  • Provide on-going support.


  • Advertising ethical awareness raising programmes.
  • Working with production team in an effort to ensure that participants are not exploited.
  • Interviews with other media and publishing articles.

Working with Professionals

  • Informing them of their rights and responsibilities
  • Working to slow down the process.
  • Managing shock and overreaction.
  • Encouraging contextual risk assessment.
  • Exploring alternatives to evictions, blitz cleans, etc.
  • Advocating for mental health, social and other relevant support.
  • Discussing individual cases and not just generic information.
  • Offering direct support to client and professional in an attempt to engender a functional relationship.
  • Providing emotional support for workers who are typically torn by the situation.
  • Deliver training.
  • Provide follow-up support.

We are able to write letters, make calls and work to bring professionals and people who
deal with hoarding behaviours to find a way forward.  Please get in touch by letter, phone or email.


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Office hours:  10:00-17:00 Monday-Friday

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