Spotlight on Volunteers

by | 9 Sep, 2022

Admin Volunteer:  Jasmine


How did you first hear about HoardingUK and what inspired you to get involved?

I learnt about Hoarding UK on the Charity Jobs site.  I was quite impressed by the initiative and the work done by the organization to support people with a hoarding problem.


What is your day-to-day when volunteering with us?

I have been supporting Hoarding UK with the administration tasks mainly over the past year.  I would make sure that the database was updated, and we had a clear record of the progress of the work being done with the participants.  I would contact the participants and book in appointments to speak with the counselors, among other administerial duties.


Are there any situations that have really stuck in your mind?

I would say the time during furlough when the entire country was in a lockdown stays in mind as it didn’t really affect my work at Hoarding UK.  I was provided with all the necessary tools and was able to continue working from home with ease.


 What are the sorts of challenges you’ve faced? 

I was relatively new in the country and the ways of working, so it took me some time to get used to a couple of things.  But with the support of the volunteer manager and the admin team I was able to learn and adapt to the new environment.


 How has volunteering helped you? 

I have always been interested in a role in administration.  Hoarding UK helped me gain the necessary skills required for an administrator.  Also, as stated in my previous reply, it hadn’t been long since I came to the country at the time that I joined.  So, volunteering here gave me a lot of exposure working with different people, in the administration department that I was looking to get.


 What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering with HoardingUK? 

Hoarding UK has a couple of roles for people looking to get exposure in different areas.  The team at Hoarding UK is great and supportive.  There is no pressure to perform as long as you are doing your duties and being available to support.


HUK Volunteer Exit Interview


What prompted you to consider leaving HoardingUK?

A new job opportunity which requires me to be working the same days of the week as Hoarding UK which doesn’t allow me to continue volunteering anymore.


Do you feel your manager gave you what you needed to succeed?

Yes, almost.  A few more tasks assigned consistently would be very much appreciated as it would make me look forward to coming to office knowing what my job would be to be completed for the day.


What did you like best and least about working for HUK?

The fact that there was no pressure to complete the tasks assigned and the support received to learn the things I didn’t know is very much appreciated.  I would like to say that a little more clarity around my role from the start would have been great and would help me understand the tasks assigned a bit better.


Do you think the role has changed since you started?

Not really.  Although I feel I understand the role a lot better now.


What suggestions do you have as to how we can improve?

Probably a slightly better onboarding process.


Is there anything that could have changed your mind about leaving?

Not at all, as I really enjoyed working with the team at Hoarding UK and I did learn a lot of new essential skills here.  I would continue volunteering if not for the time constraints with my new job.


Would you recommend volunteering with HUK to a friend? Why/Why not?

I would certainly recommend a friend to volunteer with Hoarding UK as the people on the team are great and the work that they do is commendable.  We have a lot to learn from the well-qualified team at Hoarding UK.


Would you ever consider returning?

I certainly would consider returning to Hoarding UK, hopefully as a member of staff if not a volunteer.



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