Spotlight on Volunteers

by | 2 Aug, 2022

Admin Volunteer:  Anne Mountain


How did you first hear about HoardingUK and what inspired you to get involved?

After retirement I wanted to utilize my database and administrative skills for a good cause.  I also wanted to work somewhere close enough to home so I could give it my all without worrying about public transport and Covid!  


What is your day-to-day when volunteering with us?

It quite varied and educational.  I get to work with a mix of different colleagues and participants.  I went to a Support Group which was interesting and have participated in in-depth training about hoarding.  Generally, I do data entry, booking appointments, diary management and database management.  


Is there anything that really stands out for you, working with us? 

 We have lovely banter in the office.  


 What are the sorts of challenges you’ve faced? 

 I was really nervous about re-entering a work environment, and it took time to get into the groove but everyone was so nice and I can work at my pace whilst I get my confidence back up!  


 How has volunteering helped you? 

 It’s increased my self-esteem and confidence.  I don’t feel so isolated and it makes me feel more confident about meeting and talking to new people.  


 What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering with HoardingUK? 

 Come and try it!  It’s good fun.  



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