A Play About Hoarding

by | 12 Jul, 2022

Breathless by Laura Horton

HoardingUK are thrilled to support Laura Horton (playwright and Plymouth Laureate of Words 2021-2022) and her new play, showing in Plymouth this month.

Kimi Gordon from HoardingUK will be hosting a Q&A after Saturday’s performance and her thoughts are below:-

“This is an important play as it challenges stigma and brings to the fore an issue that is largely hidden away. And, interestingly, challenges the perception it’s the preserve of the elderly. The irony is, it’s the only mental health condition that manifests itself physically but it’s the one people don’t talk about.


People don’t know what to do. There is no pill for it, no prescription. It’s not supported by the NHS or systematically by adult social care and suffers, their friends/family and support network, don’t know where to turn.

By talking about it we reduce the stigma, we make people feel less isolated, less ashamed. By talking about it and more people coming forward for help a proper plan can emerge so when help is sought there is an answer waiting.

By talking about it and reducing the stigma, hopefully, more young people will recognise the signs sooner and reach out for support. Most hoarding starts in the late 20s early 30s but most don’t present for support until they’re in their 50s. Hoarding is statistically more likely to affect men but much more women seek support. Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn that around? And it starts by talking about it.”

We encourage anyone in the area to support Laura by visiting Plymouth and seeing it first hand or you can buy the book to experience the funny, very human side of a condition that has been hidden away far too long.

The Play is then moving to the Edinburgh Fringe from 3rd August to 29th August.

Congratulations Laura!!