What Do We Know About Hoarding Behaviour & Treatment Approaches for Older People?

by | 27 Jun, 2022

A Thematic Review

First of all, HoardingUK honours the life of Martin Stevens, who Megan had the honour of working with while advising the King’s College London Hoarding Research project.  We have posted a memorial statement here and we are saddened to hear of his passing and send our sympathies to his family.

HoardingUK values this impressive piece of research review and appreciates, greatly, that Nicole Stiles, et. al, listened to our feedback and worked with people with hoarding behaviour on the committee.  The full findings have yet to be published, but these findings – too – are breath-taking in their scope and depth.  Congratulations to the entire team!  The literature review can be found here.

Stephen Martineau
John Woolham
Gillian Manthorpe
Martin Stephens
Nicole Steils
Dr Michela Tinelli