HUK Newsletter October 2022

by | 3 Oct, 2022

HUK Newsletter October 2022

This month, the spotlight is on our Support Groups, and we’d like to share the contributions of some members.

Firstly, this beautiful poem:


Watercolor Minimalist Daily Quote Poster


Secondly, some words of widsom:

I went out for a walk and found a circular stone with TOIT on it.

Now, I’ve always had the problem that I don’t do things straight away. I always put off doing them, saying things like “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll do it when I get around to it”.

But I can’t do that any more because I’ve got one… I’ve got A ROUND TOIT


National Disability Card


Disability card

The National Disability Card and National Carers Card allow quick and easy visual identification of disabled people and carers to help them show that they may require assistance.


  • Excellent way to show you have a disability – not every disability is visible
  • Exclusively for disabled people of any age
  • Convenient credit card size so you do not need to carry lots of documents


Megan’s 500 Milestone Strut

So far she has walked 690,881 steps with 365,119 to go!  That’s 81.20%!  Well done Megan

Megan 500 mile strut





Clean & Tidy Home Show


Clean & Tiday show banner

Want to see Megan talk in London this month? Buy a ticket to the Clean & Tidy show for the 8th/9th October by using our link and you’ll be supporting HoardingUK whilst you do (100% of ticket sales via this link will be donated to the charity)!  Megan will be speaking at 10.30 am on Sunday, alongside other mental health organisations.

Don’t forget to say hello to Kimi and Ken who will be manning our stall.


Support Groups


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