HUK Newsletter July2023

by | 17 Jul, 2023

HUK Newsletter July 2023

A Note from our Chair, Megan


“I appreciate the journalist Samira Shackle and her year long work pulling together a comprehensive and considered piece about hoarding.  Over the last year she has continued to be open, curious and interested. In my view her piece is one of the most meaningful I’ve read, and I want to thank her for hearing people who hoard alongside raising salient questions.

‘You reach a point where you can’t live your life’: what is behind extreme hoarding?

“I wanted to clarify one aspect of a (correctly attributed) quote in the article.  This idea of ‘therapeutic decluttering’.  When she ran it by me as a phrase that had been used by those she’d interviewed (and I think is being used by HUK fundraisers), I challenged it – not because people who are delivering empathic person-centred decluttering are ‘wrong’ but simply because the term therapeutic was being used as a sort of a catch phrase.

I will, until I stand down, ask that if we use the word ‘therapeutic’ that it entails therapy.  Therapy is a psychological process of supporting people to help themselves to change.  My work has always also been about asking services to reflect about why what is being done doesn’t work – not blaming the people we are serving for the fact that it doesn’t.  So, the term itself isn’t one that I disagree with.  I disagree with the fact that by inserting it before the word decluttering – we are implying that we are behaving therapeutically.”


New Staff Member

We are delighted to introduce Claudicia, the newest member of the HoardingUK team, joining us as our dedicated advocate.

With a deep passion for supporting individuals and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others, Claudicia brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organisation.  Her compassionate nature, exceptional communication skills, and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset as we continue to provide vital assistance to those affected by hoarding disorder.

We are confident that Claudicia’s enthusiasm and professionalism will greatly contribute to our mission of raising awareness, offering support, and fostering lasting change within our community.

We Are Hiring!

We are absolutely delighted to have been funded by Islington Giving to deliver our New Healthy Homes Project in Islington!

If you would like to be part of this critical initiative, check out the details here and send your CV and covering letter to


Virtual Support Groups

Virtual Training

Choice & Control: Training
  • Understanding hoarding disorder
  • Case study work (throughout)
  • Risk/Risk Assessment
  • Overview of positive engagement
  • Legislation including safeguarding and the Care Act 2014
  • Supporting hoarding disorder through the term of the relationship using Motivational Interviewing and the Cycle of Change
  • Techniques to challenge compulsive acquisition and the failure to discard
    Outcomes are policy and practice tools as well as an action plan.


TRAINER: Megan Karnes – Founder/Director HoardingUK, Director Mental Health Consultancy UK, Counsellor BA (Hons), Dip. Clinical Supervision and Consultancy, Prim. Cert CBT, National Advocacy Qualification, Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA), Registered MBACP

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