Jumble Trail Sponsorship

HoardingUK will sponsor one table per event to attend a Jumble Trail.

There are terms and conditions:

People will share a table
-this can be borrowed from HUK in London but will have to be provided outside this area
-borrower will collect and return it to the office
-if more than one person wants to attend an event, attendees will liaise with HUK to coordinate
how the space will be shared

People will bring things to sell at the Jumble Trail.
-sell to others, not each other
-not buy from other sellers

People will have fun.
-getting to know new people in their community
-potentially getting to know other people who have hoarding behaviour (if sharing a table)

People can share their stories here to help build interest.
-identifiably or anonymously

-you can donate a percentage of your takings to HUK (voluntary not mandatory)
-you will engage with HUK free helpline support programme (this bit is mandatory)

Let’s get out and about, get some things out and laugh out loud while doing so. It’s a fun day.

If you are interesting in joining an event near you, please contact us.

We are able to write letters, make calls and work to bring professionals and people who
deal with hoarding behaviours to find a way forward.  Please get in touch by letter, phone or email.


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