Benefits Support Worker

We’ve asked Edward to introduce himself.

Edward Brown

“I’m a passionately caring person who seeks the best for everyone. I get a real buzz from helping support others especially with benefit issues with which I have personal experience as a claimant and with previous experience as an advisor with the CAB.

I struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Including Hoarding Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and some physical disabilities.

I am setting up a hoarding support group in Lancashire.

I support people claiming benefits online via Facebook and occasionally face to face through a group called Better Together Benefits Peer Support Group which I set up to support some friends who were struggling with benefit issues.

I’m currently a volunteer with Lancashire Mind as an ad hoc and on demand volunteer. I’m involved in various voluntary activities as and when they arise.

I have previous experience of:

  • Running and organising a peer support group with Lancashire Mind for older adults with mental health conditions.
  • Supporting individuals struggling with stress and related issues via Lancashire Mind – Keeping the Balance Project.
  • Advocacy with a local advocacy service.
  • Volunteer Advisor with Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • Trafford Access Group – Sensory Impairment Support.
  • Trafford Shopmobility – Volunteer Customer Support.
  • Training.

I have undergone training in:

  • Mental Health Awareness (Lancashire Mind) As a volunteer with ongoing refresher courses from time to time (Ongoing).
  • Peer Support Training.
  • ASSIST Suicide Awareness.
  • Mental Health First Aid.
  • Stress Management – Keeping the Balance via Lancashire Mind.
  • Advocacy Awareness Training with ongoing refresher courses.”

Edward will receive regular training in hoarding and benefits advice.  He will be supervised by Megan Karnes, Director.