Maintaining a Habitable Home Environment

What to consider

Is the adult’s home sufficiently clean and maintained to be safe, including essential amenities?

Does the adult require support to sustain the home or maintain amenities such as water, electricity and gas or pay their rent or mortgage?


Examples of circumstances affecting the ability to achieve the outcome

If the adult is unable to pay their rent or utility bills (e.g. due to mental or physical incapacity), they will not be able to sustain their home.

It may not be a habitable home environment if:

  • the home is damp or in very poor repair
  • the adult is unable to clean their kitchen, leading to infestation
  • the adult is hoarding excessively (note: hoarding per se does not determine eligibility; however, the impact of excessive hoarding on the individual’s ability to achieve their outcomes, and thereby on their wellbeing, will affect eligibility)


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