Code of Practice

Professionals Agree:


    • To work in a person-centred way:
    • Respecting Autonomy
    • Obtaining Consent
    • Promoting Choice and Control
    • Empowering Decision Making
    • Move or remove items only with consent from the participant
    • To allow clients to provide feedback directly to HoardingUK in order to ensure person-centred support as well as helping professionals to develop
    • If removing items to be donated, to take to the charity of the participant’s choice
    • If removing items to rubbish bins, to ensure considerations such as recycling and hazardous materials have been undertaken
    • If excessive rubbish is required to be discarded this will be done using local authorities commmercial pathways
    • To confirm that professional meets ‘fit and proper‘ person criteria
    • To engage appropriately in legal frameworks such as safeguarding, mental capacity and anti-social behaviour
    • To provide clear and transparent quotation, billing and payment information
    • To hold a current Disclosure and Barring (DBS)* certificate
    • To hold appropriate levels of relevant insurance
    • To undertake specialist hoarding training
    • To receive monthly supervision
    • *HoardingUK can process this at a reduced rate