Our Hoarding Training

HoardingUK works with organisations to make this affordable, relevant and empowering.


All of our training is designed to be an educational, interactive and empowering working to positively impact participant’s active client work and improve outcomes for people who hoard as well as the professionals and others who engage with them.


Target Audience

Our courses are largely designed for professionals who work with people who hoard.  Practitioners are encouraged bring their current hoarding related work to sessions which ensures the day is integrated into practice.

Our Recovery College and Support Group development training engage people with hoarding behaviour.

A review of our feedback over these many years has shown:

Our feedback is probably the best way to discuss the impact:

All of the day was amazing!

Megan was very knowledgeable and very useful.

Most useful:

How to engage positively with hoarders and provide a structure.”

Identifying tendencies in one’s self.

Excellent facilitator.”

Every aspect of the training was invaluable.”

The goal of HoardingUK is to empower organisations, not to be the hub of the wheel.  All our training and services are designed to impact practice, improve outcomes and allow organisations to take expertise in-house.

For questions or to book this training please contact HUK Training.

We are able to write letters, make calls and work to bring professionals and people who
deal with hoarding behaviours to find a way forward.  Please get in touch by letter, phone or email.


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