Laura Horton – Crowdfunder

HoardingUK will host a talk during the production.  Date time etc, to be confirmed!

Triptych: Tales of Pleasure & Shame

by Laura Horton in Plymouth, England, UK

Playwright Laura Horton & Lucy Donald present: Triptych.  Short plays platforming & creating discussions about pleasure & shame.

Triptych is series of short form original plays by Laura Horton that are united by ideas of shame & suppression of female experiences.


Performed by an electric ensemble of South West based actors & creatives, the piece will run in early December at Theatre Royal Plymouth.

The first piece explores how under researched women’s bodies are & in light of this, how long it takes for medical issues to be diagnosed.

The second looks at pleasure across generations. Why do we call it a loss of virginity when it could be a debut sex act? Why is there so much shame around pleasure?

The third is about having too much stuff and how hard it is to date when you’re a hoarder.

All of the pieces have personal resonance with Laura and are also issues that are under-explored while affecting many people. Laura & Lucy want to set up discussion groups post performance for people have safe spaces to discuss the plays & the topics addressed.

This is an opportunity to employ local actors & other creatives, building connections in the South West & also producing quality work to tour the UK & expand the geographical networks for artists here.

Your donation will go towards a fee for all the artists involved, as well as making a Pay What You Can livestreamed performance available to ensure the production is as accessible as possible.

The Numbers

The £4,000 we raise will go towards:

  • 3 actors @ £494 p/week for 2 weeks = £2,964 (£988 per actor)
  • Director @ £494 p/week for 2 weeks = £988
  • The remaining £48 will go towards supporting the cast in the rehearsal room – e.g. printing of scripts etc.