National Hoarding Conference, May 2019

NHC Roadshow Birmingham


After the massive success of the first UK National Hoarding Conference, our team decided that we wanted to spend 2019 expanding the dialogue and engaging in more localised discussions in order to drive our positive change agenda forward.  We’ll be hosting three smaller conferences (Wales: September 2019, Scotland: October 2019).

This year, we’ve decided that the panel, including people with hoarding behaviour and family members, will sit throughout the day, feeding into all discussions.   To improve networking, we’re going to bring people from all areas together instead of breaking out into workshops.  We, as last year, are limiting presentation time to allow more time for engaged, proactive conversations.


Our panel included:


  • Prof Paul Salkovskis (Clinical Psychologist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust & University of Oxford): KEYNOTE SPEAKER
  • Heather Matuozzo (Chair, HUK/Director CloudsEnd CIC): PARTNERSHIP WORKING
  • Dr Satwant Singh (Clinical Director, HUK/IAPT Newham and Waltham Forest): PSYCHOLOGY
  • Janice Connolly (Artistic Director Women and Theatre) Showing an excerpt from her one-woman show “Stuff”: MEDIA
  • Julie Wilson (Trainer, HUK/Optivo Neighbourhood Manager): HOUSING PROFESSIONALS
  • Lee Markwick (Trainer, HUK/Retired Fire Officer & NHS Mental Health & Safety Officer): EMERGENCY SERVICES
  • Ellis Turner (Senior Lecturer Environmental Health, UWE): ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH
  • Michelle Murray, Esq. (Trustee, HUK/Senior Commissioning Officer, Adult Social Care, Kingston Council): LEGAL/ADVOCACY
  • Megan Karnes (Founder/Director, HUK): USER INVOLVEMENT





Welcome – Housekeeping, etc.

‘Stuff’ (Edited film version of Sold Out Birmingham Rep Production) 

(Writer/Actor/Producer Janice Connolly and Puppeteer Michael Crouch)

(coffee and tea will be served)

Keynote: Professor Paul Salkovskis
What we know about the psychology of hoarding (and what we need to know): questioning value and values


Update on outcomes from 2018 Conference: 
 Various Speakers
Discussion  (Many attendees of HUK’s 1st Conference + other’s from the floor)




Panel Lead Discussion:  Boundary Setting
All statutory organisations and participants have a role to play.
Who’s responsible?  Who’s supporting?  Whose boundaries? This complex issue requires integrated partnership working in a person-centred way.  How do we improve this? When we improve this, how will it support better outcomes for everyone?

(coffee and tea will be served)

Panel Lead Discussion
:  Objectives > Values > Process
When we talk about objectives, can we separate outcomes from our values?  How does this impact the process? How can we ensure unity of all three under an umbrella of person-centred, evidenced based care and support.


HUK’s AGM will follow



Paul Salkovskis’ Presentation

We have a copy of the presentation Paul gave at our NHC Roadshow in Birmingham, May 2019.

He is regarded as an expert in several areas of clinical psychology, including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, the understanding and treatment of anxiety disorders in general, and more specifically in OCD, Panic and Agoraphobia and health anxiety, having contributed to the psychological understanding and treatment of these areas. He also has expertise in Health Psychology, having working on Health Screening, Health Decision Making and the identification and treatment of psychological issues in “Medically Unexplained Symptoms” and Long Term Conditions. He is registered with the HCPC as a Health and Clinical Psychologist and is similarly Chartered with the BPS. He was recipient of several prizes including the Aaron T Beck award and the Monte Shapiro Award.