National Hoarding Conference

Improving Person-Centred Outcomes

Exhibitors (listed alphabetically)

BSP: Division of Clinical Psychology, The Psychosis and Complex Mental Health Faculty with around 700 members internationally.  The core work of the Faculty is to support their members in delivering psychologically informed services that respect diversity and promote social inclusion, recovery, psychologically containing environment for all, as well as providing therapy.  The Faculty promotes principles of recovery and social inclusion for people who experience hallucinations or altered stated of mind, hold unusual beliefs, or have difficulty thinking clearly, focusing also on the needs of those who experience severe changes in mood and difficulties in regulating their emotions or have problems managing interpersonal relationship because of aspects of their personality.

Book Stand:  A mini book stand for you to browse, containing a variety of books written to help better understand hoarding behaviour, will be available to buy at the special exhibition offer.  A percentage of the sales will be donated to support people with hoarding beahviour. 

Books signing will take place at the networking reception after the conference. 


Leading national law firm in the health, housing and social care sectors with unrivalled understanding of the emergency services sector. Capsticks is well regarded for its commercial, marketdriven solutions. Their expertise gives them a unique insight into the challenges that those areas face, particularly as the delivery of their services becomes increasingly integrated. Whether they are working in the public, commercial, private or third sector or guiding policy, you name it, they know it inside out.

CASCAIDr (Centre for Adults’ Social Care Centre for Adults’ Social Care – Advice, Information and Dispute Resolution) is a specialist advice charity with a mission to try to help put right some of the not-so-good things going on in Adults’ Social Care and NHS health service allocation in this country.  It operates online, in a virtual space, using self-employed caseworkers who are informal experts in the Care Act and health, social care and human rights law in general.  CASCAIDr works alongside barristers doing direct public access work and solicitors from affiliated law firms offering free pro bono work and provides a resolution-focused and practical service in their Free Scope category of work – comprising information, advice, and legal framework expertise for free – for people who have a current public law problem concerning their access to health or social care rights.

Clouds End CIC works with people in their homes with a gentle, non-judgmental approach. The client is always in control and the plan developed will always be determined by the needs and abilities of the client themselves.  Our aim is to gain trust with our clients to help them develop the skills and confidence needed to regain control over the possessions that have overwhelmed them.

Declutter Divas support people to declutter and organise their homes, offices and lives. Our aim is to promote energy and an uplifting experience to give our clients the impetus to a fresh start, finally leaving our clients with a sense of well-being.

Clutter has a detrimental effect on the client’s emotional and mental state. Clients often shut themselves away from everyone else and can become reclusive.

We work with a wide range of clients and professionals to reach a successful conclusion and more importantly a happy satisfied client setting small goals and targets along the way.

Our Motto:  ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’

Early Dispute Resolution Hub (EDR Hub) recognises that disagreements are a part of daily life, they should be expected, in fact, they are healthy once they are managed properly.  And the earlier they are addressed, the easier it is to establish healthy communication.

Our emphasis is on training and supporting people in the handling of those disagreements. An early intervention in a dispute gives the individuals a chance to communicate about the issues before the parties become entrenched and communication stops.  Deep conflict brings huge levels of stress to the individuals involved and while in the work place, there is still the difficult option of tribunal, there is not such option in the community – where disputes can sometimes last years – or within families.

However, even if the conflict has been going on for some time, our skilled mediators are experienced and competent and will support you through it.

Enabling Spaces CIC is the Occupational Therapy led service, taking a client-centered and holistic approach to hoarding.  Founded by Yvonne Singleton and Jo Dowdeswell, Occupational Therapists specialising in compulsive Hoarding Therapy. They aim to transform people’s lives by providing flexible and responsive support for people with hoarding behaviours.  Their approach helps the individual to self-manage their condition, remain independent and live well.  It delivers sustainable solutions that:

  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Reduce risks to the individual and their community
  • Reduce the cost of dealing with hoarding behaviour and its consequences.

Enabling Spaces CIC also provides training and consultancy to other organisations, professionals and frontline workers, within the UK, working in this specialist area. They cover Warwickshire, The West Midlands area and beyond, and are working in partnership with Coventry City Council covering the city of Coventry.

Help For Hoarders is a website and supportive on-line community and resource set up by Television Presenter, Jasmine Harman.  After documenting her mother’s hoarding struggles in a BBC1 documentary, Jasmine realised there were millions of people also affected by similar difficulties and was compelled to set up the site to bring people together who had previously been battling similar challenges alone.

The website’s aim is to provide information, support, advice and create awareness about this secretive condition, for hoarders and their loved ones.  With the tools available, hopefully hoarding will become better understood by both sufferers and the people around them, as well as medical professionals and the general public.

The members’ message board provides an outlet in a safe community where others understand and do not judge and can give advice, support, someone to listen or a shoulder to cry on, or even someone to see the funny side of what can frequently be a shameful and isolating situation.

Hoarding Awareness week was an initiative started by the Chief Fire Officers Association in 2014.  It was launched at the houses of Parliament. They help anyone who wishes to join us by raising awareness around hoarding.

This is a very misunderstood condition which can be approached wrongly without awareness of how it manifests itself and how to talk to people who have these issues.

Hoarding Disorders UK CIC aims to provide practical hands on support as well as expert advice to those affected by the varying levels of Hoarding Disorder, ranging from the chronically disorganised to an extreme hoarder.  We support both the individuals and their families throughout this process which helps them to reconnect with each other as a family unit and the wider local community.

Holloway Neighbourhood Group is a vibrant charity providing opportunities to bring the community together in Holloway, north London.  They run two great ventures: The Old Fire Station and Stress Project.  They also run a multi-purpose community centre, for people of all ages, at the Old Fire Station, where a low cost counselling services and complementary therapies are provided for people with stress related illness and mental health problems at Stress Project.  It is a warm and welcoming community centre just off Holloway Road.  Whether young or old, there are lots of activities going on here that you can get involved in.

A pioneering social enterprise, London Rebuilding Society is a market maker with a track record in delivering services, designed to address market failures for people facing hardship and financial exclusion.

London Rebuilding Society’s Home Improvement Service provides a complete person centred package of support; full managed and guaranteed property services; referral to a regulated financial advisor for full market advice; a route to suitable finance for homeowners from 55 onwards who live in unsafe, cold, damp homes, struggling to keep warm and stay well in their own home and in their community.

It is fundamental to us to understand the homeowner’s needs and create a relationship with them built on trust. I believe this is the only way to truly change their lives for the better.
Naomi Kingsley, CEO of London Rebuilding Society.


Mental Health Consultancy UK is committed to positively impacting the experience of people affected with short or long-term Mental Health issues by providing individual counselling and clinical supervision; working with private and voluntary sector organisations to bring systemic change; supporting clients in an advocacy role; and delivering empowering training.


OCD Action provides support and information to anybody affected by OCD, work to raise awareness of the disorder amongst the public and front-line healthcare workers, and strive to secure a better deal for people with OCD. We are a dedicated charity with a clear vision, solid objectives and a real understanding of OCD and the impact that it has. Formed by a group of volunteers and leading professionals in 1994, the Charity has the volunteers, trustees and staff  to turn its vision into reality. OCD Action is recognised as a strong voice for people with OCD, a vital source of help and the Charity that makes a real and lasting difference to anyone affected by OCD.

Optivo know the importance of living in a safe and secure environment and how this enables people to flourish.  As one of the largest housing providers in the UK, our 44,000 homes give 90,000 people in London, the South East and the Midlands, somewhere affordable to call their own.

We work with residents, local authorities, and partners to meet housing need, and to create safe, sustainable communities for our residents.

We also help residents make the most of their lives through jobs, training, financial and digital inclusion.

Rainbow Red is a professional decluttering, organising and project management business run by the daughter of a hoarder.  We use proven motivational interviewing, change and project management techniques and a mindful, holistic, person-centred approach to empower people affected by issues associated with clutter, disorganisation and hoarding behaviours to bring order to life.

HoardingUK has always supported ethically approved research.  We’re continuing our commitment to this important work by providing a stand to current researchers.  This will provide a space for the researcher and potential participant to meet face to face.

If you are a current researcher and would like to attend, please contact  She will provide you with the discount code for entry.  The stand is free!


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