HoardingUK is committed to a supported but self-led model of decluttering.  Here are some resources that help people to help themselves:

EBay for HUK

HoardingUK offers people who want support selling items to do this through our account.

If the seller manages the item e.g. answers queries, packs and ships, we ask a donation of 10%. If we do that bit, then we ask 30%.  So many people are donating and offering 100% of sale as a donation!  All amounts are appreciated.  This will be clearly identified in the EBay advert.

We list and manage contact. You provide images, information about the item and opening selling price. You ship to buyer.

If you are interested in using this service, please contact us for further information.


HoardingUK has chosen Better World Books, please read about them here

To donate click here.


Environmental Media Solutions offer free recycling of up to 100 VHS tapes click here for the form.



Clothes : Bulk collection for 50p per kg

Clothes-Bulk Collection for HUK


Please also donate to your charity of choice or resell online.

HoardingUK needs your help.  If you have information about this topic that you feel may be useful, please contact us.

Decluttering Services

HoardingUK provides specialist support over the course of a year. Our placement service is not about building a decluttering service, instead about increasing skills of professionals currently working or studying to work in mental health, social work, occupational therapy and other related fields.

The programme is being clinically supervised by Margaret Hooper, Clinical Psychologist and author of ‘Overcoming Hoarding‘ part of the respected Overcoming series.

Please contact us at We will send an information and application pack.

Full training and supervision will be provided.

We are able to write letters, make calls and work to bring professionals and people who
deal with hoarding behaviours to find a way forward.  Please get in touch by letter, phone or email.


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