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National Hoarding Awareness Week…please show your support by going to and liking us. Proud to announce that we were successful in our application and are now the UK National Charity for people impacted by hoarding behaviours.

Our work focuses on capacity building within existing systems…not building our own services. We currently work with seven UK colleges and universities…running a student placement scheme to ensure good practice is transferable.

No one has ever been evicted who has had our support.

Now that we are a charity…I can post a link.

ANY time I have said that this is what I do…the person I talk to tells me about…themselves…their family…their neighbours…it is not a small problem. Our aim is to embed appropriate support systems across services…and stop the abusive, intrusive and dehumanising interventions.

I’m proud of what we’ve done. We need to do more.

Megan Karnes